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Residential Appraisals: Residential Appraisals in Maine and New Hamsphire
Shane R. Drake Operations Dirigo Mortgage
Jeff,   ...

Residential Appraisals: Residential Appraisals in Maine and New Hamsphire
Chris Collins Mortgage Operations Manager Cornerstone Home Loans, LLC

Residential Appraisals: Residential Appraisals in Maine and New Hamsphire
Diane L. Arsenault Merrimack Mortgage Company, Inc. Loan Officer
Jeff Patterson from Residential Appraisal is one of the best appraisers I have work with. He works very diligently to get appraisal done when needed, even an 8 hours emergency. He stays in touch at all times,...

4 CORNERS APPRAISAL SERVICES: Appraising the Front Range and Mountains of Colorado since 1998
Hi Gilles
This note came with my fee check, Thanks a million for doing this(Appraisal) for us! Have a great holiday and hopefully we can get...

The Recht and Recht : The Recht and Recht
The Recht and Recht
The Recht and Recht Company is a versatile Real Estate Appraisal Company serving San Diego County, California. Our professional staff consists of highly qualified residential and commercial appraisers offering a broad range...

Dixon & Associate's, Inc: Appraiser, NJ
Have been appraising in the State of New Jersey Since 1972 and cover the intire state. We have 8 full time licensed appraisers...

Accurate Valuations Group: Accurate Valuations Group
Client Testimonials
CLIENT TESTIMONIALS "I love my service with Bill Cobb.  A true...

Hillside Appraisal: Certified Appraiser, 3 Counties in the bay area
Here are some comments from our...

Thomas Horn, Real Estate Appraiser: Alabama Real Estate Appraisal Services
What clients are saying about Thomas Horn, Real Estate Appraiser
"When we decided to place our home for sale by owner we were very uncertain about the asking price.  We contacted Tom Horn about providing us with a market value ...

Michael J Maloney & Associates: Michael J Maloney & Associates
Full Service residential Real Estate Appraisal Company
Michael J Maloney & Associates, Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants was founded in 1987. We provide Residential Real Estate Appraisal...

Equitable Appraisal Services, Inc.: Appraisal Services, Inc,
Metrocities Mortgage
"We have used EAS for many appraisals over the years.  Brian is one of the most knowledgeable and ethical appraisers we have ever worked with.  Most importantly, he truly cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to...

American Appraisals: American Appraisals
Horizon Mortgage
Jennifer has been very wonderful to work with. Anytime she is faced with any difficulties she handles them immediately and in a professional manner.  She has always been efficient and business like with me and other clients I have...

American Appraisals: American Appraisals
Country Home Finance
Jennifer has worked with Country Home Finance on a professional basis, as an appraiser, for two years now. She has always conducted herself in a timely and professional manner.  She has always been cordial and...

American Appraisals: American Appraisals
Capital Mortgage & Investments
"Jennifer Bolton has been a professional colleague of mine for the past 5 years. Not only has she demonstrated excellence in the real estate industry as an appraiser, she has proven herself to be a...

Marsh Bilby Appraisers & Consultants, LLC: Established Local Real Estate Appraiser
Professional Service
Marsh Bilby has the expertise and experience to properly and accurately evaluate any residential property.  This fact has been demonstrated time and again and most recently he has appraised the most valuable single family...

Ross Walker and Associates: FHA Certified, Residential Real Estate Appraisals, OR
Twenty five years
In my twenty five years in the mortgage industry, I have not found a more qualified, dedicated appraiser that Ross Walker and Ross Walker and Associates. I have been an underwriter, general manager, president and CEO in the mortgage...

Ross Walker and Associates: FHA Certified, Residential Real Estate Appraisals, OR
West Corp Mortgage Group
West Corp Mortgage Group has utilized Ross Walker and Ross Walker and Associates for the past thirteen years. Without question, Ross Walker and Associates is one of the most qualified appraisers that this organization has had the...

Ross Walker and Associates: FHA Certified, Residential Real Estate Appraisals, OR
Columiba Community Bank
At Columbia Community Bank, we have worked with Ross Walker for the past year year. He is a consummate professional in all respects and handles his business in a manner that enables us to maximize the full potential of our business. ...

Ross Walker and Associates: FHA Certified, Residential Real Estate Appraisals, OR
Northwest Lending Group
My name is Dominic Benavente and I am a Mortgage Broker with Northwest Lending Group. When I first got into the mortgage business, I used several different property appraisers in the area but was never completely satisfied with their...

Pia Loeper 20+ years Residential Experience: Pia Loeper
High Integrity
“I found Pia's services objective with quick turn-around.” September 7, 2008 Top qualities: Good Value , On Time , High...

Pia Loeper 20+ years Residential Experience: Pia Loeper
Perfect Appraiser
“Pia is a perfect appraiser! Very objective and strives for perfection. I had her do appraisals for my preacher, my son and for myself (and a lot of others) because I knew they would be as correct as...

Pia Loeper 20+ years Residential Experience: Pia Loeper
Accurate, fast and complete
“No matter where the subject property is or how difficult the appraisal, Pia has always been accurate, fast and complete in her appraisal reports. Her resume has been accepted by all lenders I have...

Pia Loeper 20+ years Residential Experience: Pia Loeper
Professional, positive and delivers a detailed report
“Pia has appraised many of the homes I have sold. She has always been on time, professional, positive and delivers a detailed report and I recommend her for any services that she is offering.”...

Appraisal WerX: Appraiser
What others are saying...

Heritage Services, Inc.: Appraiser, ME
Our commitment
We deliver a quality product, professionalism, and explicit attention to details.  Our typical turn around time is within 2-3 business day of property inspection....


Advantage Appraisal:

CER Appraisers: CER Appraisers
Curriculum Vitae of Carlos Robinson
Curriculum Vitae May...

Appraisers in Paradise:
Jack Hughes , Owner , Hughes Appraisal Group Inc worked with Susan at Appraisers In Paradise, LLC
“Susan is a highly respected, quality tested FHA Approved Appraiser serving the Key West Sector of Florida. She understands trends in today's troubled market and concerns of Buyers, Sellers and Investors. She will give you and...

Appraisers in Paradise:
Top qualities: Expert , On Time , High Integrity
“I have always found Susan to be very knowledgeable of all aspects of her field and exceptionally hard-working and consientious in getting the job done and meeting tight time deadlines. Being a great communicator also, I have...

Appraisers in Paradise:
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert
“Susan continues to provide high quality appraisals in a very complicated market with a high level of integrity and commitment to accomplish the task at hand.” March 15, 2008...

Alliance Appraisal Associates of Florida, Inc.: Real Estate Appraiser
Client testamonials
Dear Debra: Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the great land report. It was thorough, answered all my questions and actually contained all the...

Knight Appraisal Service LLC: Certified Residential Property Appraiser
Barbara Logsdon, FL
"Their ethics are exceptional and I love Keith's since of humor." ...

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