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4/18/2008 - Posted by:
Hillside Appraisal
Phone: 408-926-6592
Alt. Phone: 408-515-5861
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Here are some comments from our clients:


Thanks for the report.  You have been great and hopefully I will have more business for you soon.  
Tim Teodoro, CMPS

I am very impressed with your service and professionalism. I own a mortgage office with 70 LO's and we do alot of business in Northern CA. I will add you to our preferred list. Thanks again. Casey LeBlanc First Financial & Real Estate Services


Thanks again Sonja, I have told everyone in our office about your work, so they should be contacting you if they have any bay area appraisals. Jon Graffagnini Equity Financial Group


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!  If you were closer I'd bring you lunch! Anthony Mabry, The Rite Loan Company


Just so you know, you’re on my Contra Costa area “dream team” of appraisers.  Does Sonja mean "speedy" in another language?  You're awesome.  Thanks Drew Hall, SurePoint Lending


Great Service!  Anytime I get more business in your area, I will be contacting you! Your service has been tremendous.  I will let everyone in my office know if they have a deal in your area!  Thanks! Chuck Walrath, Prime Financial Group

Dear Miss Sonja,  I greatly appreciate the time spent on this comp check...I just wanted to tell you that I have never in my 4 years of working in this business received such a complete detailed comp check such as yours. Please know that you are greatly and most highly appreciated for your services and that any and all appraisals I need done in that area will be coming to you. Again Sonja thank you so much and we will keep in touch. All my best,  Sandra Alcantar, Infinity Lending

Hey Sonja I deal with an appraiser in San Diego that I would trust my first born with. She is

You are honestly the best appraiser I work with Sonja. Just thought you should know that because I work with hundreds of them! :)   Have a great evening, Adam Arredondo


Thank you so much for your quick response, you are very professional and I hope to work with you again!!!!!!!!!!!   Have A blessed holiday..........Shawn Eckerd, Empire Funding

 Thank you so very much for once again doing such a wonderful job. You know anytime I have appraisal's in your area, they are yours... Thank you again and enjoy your vacation. Michaela Zahradnik, Expedia Home Loans

Hi Sonja, Thank you so much! I just want to make sure I take very good care of you. You are a great asset to E-Loan. I appreciate all of your hard work. Just let me know if I happen to miss an invoice and I'll get right on it. =) Best Regards,  Tina Lenderman Eloan First Mortgage Loan Consultant

Thank You so much Sonja. You are really one of the best appraisers out there. I will pass your number to all the loan officers in my office and also to a friend that works at another company here in San Diego. Thanks Again  Planet Financial Services(check will be in the mail tomorrow morning)

Hearing from us from time to time regarding appraisal orders :) Thank you so much for being so responsive and easy to work with. It makes this job so much easier and pleasant. Josephine Arguelles, Atlas Realty & Loan 

Thanks for the update--you're awesome! You'll have all my deals that are in your area and I am going to tell the other loan officer's in my office to use you for anything in your area as well. Thanks again! Scott Dunbar, Harvest Finance & Mortgage, Inc.

the best appraiser I have ever worked with.  I trust her opinion more than any other appraiser down there.  You are fast becoming my Northern appraiser that I will vouch for and the drop of a hat. Thank you for working so hard and being very fare in pricing.  I wanted to ask you, if I send you and appraisal that a client had a friend do could you tell me if any more value could be there.  I’m not looking for much and it is about 6 weeks old so just maybe it is better.   Please let me know and I will get it to you.  Thanks, and even if you can’t do it, I still think you are very good and will recommend you to others. Jason Davis Bridgewater Residential MortgageYour service and turnaround time is outstanding. Thanks a lot. I will definately call you for my next appraisal out there. If you will, please mail me some business cards so I can pass them out in the office here. Ben Marvazi

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